Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sketch Club App

Buddy of mine, Jim "Blackpawn" Scott, created this amazing app for the iPad/iPhone called "Sketch Club." It's a powerful little app that is constantly being updated with new and awesome new features. It's almost like having a $3 travel-size version of Photoshop!

Not only does it sketch and paint, it video records your art in progress and uploads it to Youtube! Here's one I did a while back...

Coolest thing of all... what makes the "Club" part in "Sketch Club"? The people! Sketch Club holds a huge artistic community behind it. People uploading, commenting and sharing each other's galleries. People participating in friendly competitions and art challenges, some involving real prizes!

Visit SketchClub's Website HERE!

 Get it now for only $2.99. That's less than a Big Mac! Just say'n.

Buy SketchClub HERE!

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